Saturday, December 27, 2014

Flight Etiquette

Since I have been travelling by air a lot for the past year, I have noticed a few things that annoy me no end, viz.

  • People scrambling for the aisle space as soon as the flight lands. If you are in the aisle seat and you are patient enough to sit till the time you reach the aero-bridge you might get trampled by the folks sitting beside you.
  • People who turn on their cell phones as soon as the wheels touch the ground. Their favourite celebrity was kicked out of Big Boss and they cannot wait to tweet about the injustice.
  • The fact that they change the gate of the flight many times and you are left running from one gate to the other at 5am when you can only do so much to stay awake. They don't even announce the change!
  • Air India flights that keep you in the plane for over two hours and then ask you to shift to another after going through all the checks again.
Maybe its just me that gets frustrated with these things. Maybe its just that I am mostly sleepy and cranky while flying. 

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