Thursday, March 27, 2008

Of Resolutions and Inspirations

Lately I have been in possibly the biggest rut of my life. And whenever I find myself in this situation I have a very typical way of getting out of it. I will make unrealistic resolutions and pursue them with a lot of passion for about as much time as it requires for me to stumble upon something else I find interesting...which is not very long mind you. Suddenly my passion for my earlier pursuit is substituted by a very distinct sense of disinterest and the new one posseses me completely (I wish I had the same attitude towards girls). I have gone through phases of trying out swimming, percussion, singing (my close friends will differ on whether I have moved on from this one though), astronomy, the regular culprits like stamp and coin collections, painting cartoons, reading, football, and very recently snooker, bowling, beer, rifle shooting and keyboard.

That first rush of learning something new is actually what drives me. The thought of producing something that gives me immense pleasure and the satisfaction of doing something well enough works as my inspiration to attempt the impossible.

I went on a similar spree recently and one of the things that I took up was learning violin. Within the few days that I have been trying to learn this instrument I have understood that I am going to have a tough time. Needless to say that I really suck at it at least right now. Every time I practice my arms hurt, I get frustrated at the fact that I cannot get the simplest of notes right. The instrument makes noises that can at best be described as braying (an uncanny similarity I must say). But on the other hand getting even the slightest most easiest piece right gives me the kind of joy that I have not experienced in a long time. And that I think, is the key towards persisting with a certain activity. Every time I hear the Bombay theme, The Godfather theme, a symphony it makes me want to achieve that sound, that feel and that skill. Given the fact that I have taken up probably the most difficult instrument to learn of one's own self I guess I have few very tough times ahead of me. But as they say no pain no gain.

So I hope I sustain this enthusiasm and I can inspire some of you to take up something you never thought you would.

Till my next big pursuit...